KDS S-M12-5A-M12-5A-P1-006

Interconnection cable

Part no.: 50133887

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Application Oil and lubricant resistant
Type of connection Connector
Thread size M12
Type Female
No. of pins 5 -pin
Encoding A-coded
Version Axial
Connector, LED No
Type of connection Connector
Thread size M12
Type Male
No. of pins 5 -pin
Encoding A-coded
Version Axial
Sheathing color Black
Shielded Yes
Silicone-free Yes
Cable design Interconnection cable
Cable length 600 mm
Sheathing material PUR
Wire insulation PUR
Suitability for drag chains Yes
Traverse rate Max. 3.3 m/s with horiz. traverse path of 5m and and max. acceleration of 5m/s²
Properties of the outer sheathing Free of CFC, cadmium, silicone, halogen and lead, matt, low-adhesion, abrasion-resistant, easily machine-processable
Resistance of the outer sheathing Hydrolysis and microbe resistant, good oil, gasoline and chemical resistance in accordance with VDE 0472 part 803 test B, flame retardant in accordance with UL 1581 VW1 / CSA FT1 / IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-2-2
Torsion suitability ±30° / m (max. 2 mio. cycles with 35 cycles / min)
Width across flats 13 mm
Bending cycles 5,000,000 Piece(s)
Bending radius, flexible laying, min. Min. 10 x cable diameter
Bending radius, stationary laying, min. Min. 5 x cable diameter
Degree of protection IP 65
IP 67
Certifications c UL US
UL file number E366145
Customs tariff number 85444290
ECLASS 5.1.4 27279201
ECLASS 8.0 27279218
ECLASS 9.0 27060311
ECLASS 10.0 27060311
ECLASS 11.0 27060311
ECLASS 12.0 27060311
ECLASS 13.0 27060311
ECLASS 14.0 27060311
ETIM 5.0 EC001855
ETIM 6.0 EC001855
ETIM 7.0 EC001855
ETIM 8.0 EC001855
ETIM 9.0 EC001855
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TT-Set 0,6-13
Part no.: 50132266
  • Type: Torque key
  • Width across flats: 13 mm
  • Torque: 0.6 N·m
  • Material: Plastic
Part no.: 50132266
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