Simple Vision sensors for presence detection, measuring, counting, code reading

Highly flexible and efficient for various applications.
The IVS/DCR 1048i intelligent vision sensor provides a compact, versatile and powerful device with image processing functions for identification and inspection tasks. Available in various models with two different resolutions for maximum flexibility.


Allrounder for detection, identification and inspection:

The new Simple Vision sensors of the IVS 1048i / DCR 1048i series

The Simple Vision sensors of the IVS 1048i and DCR 1048i series are compact, versatile and high-performance devices with image processing functions for detection, identification and inspection. A wide variety of models with two different resolutions ensures maximum flexibility.
With powerful image processing tools, easy-to-configure software, interchangeable lenses and integrated high-performance LED illumination, the new Simple Vision sensors from Leuze offer outstanding performance and a high level of efficiency. 

Advantages for you

  • Outstanding product performance for detection, identification and inspection tasks
  • Different models with two different resolutions available
  • High-performance image processing tools and a user-friendly, graphical interface for fast setup and smooth operation
  • Integrated digital interfaces: TCP/IP, PROFINET, FTP or SFTP
  • Exchangeable lenses for flexibility in terms of distance, field of vision and resolution
  • Integrated, switchable high-performance LED illumination in white and red for an optimum, high-contrast image
  • Filter caps for challenging tasks, e.g. quality checks, involving highly reflective objects or under changing ambient light conditions
  • Compact housing enables integration into almost all system concepts, even in confined installation situations
  • Protected by an IP67 housing, the Vision sensor also works reliably in harsh production environments


Our flexible selection of models provides various device options for different tasks and budgets:

DCR 1048i

The high-performance code reading algorithm ensures extremely high reading rates. As an option, this model has an improved algorithm specially conceived for DPM codes:

  • 1D- / 2D-code reading
  • DPM code reading

IVS 1048i

The allrounder model makes detection, inspection and identification possible with just one device. Furthermore, models with two different resolutions are also available.

  • Presence detection
  • 1D- / 2D-code reading
  • Measuring and counting
  • Allrounder for identification and inspection


Fast commissioning and versatile applications

Support of common industrial protocols

The Leuze Vision Studio software offers powerful tools and statistics for image processing and inspection that can also be used offline. To reduce costs and save time, the sensors can be set up by the user without special training or specialist knowledge. The Simple Vision sensors can be used for a wide variety of industrial tasks:

  • Position checking for controlling handling systems or a tool to correct the travel position
  • Identification of a part using markings, its shape or other characteristics
  • Checking a part for correct production or correct mounting
  • Measurement and counting of parts
  • Checking of parts for defects

Common interface protocols such as TCP/IP, PROFINET, FTP and also SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) are supported. This makes communication and data acquisition easy. Digital inputs and outputs are also provided to allow simple processes to be controlled directly or to enable connection to a PLC.


Exchangeable lenses for flexibility

Thanks to four interchangeable S-Mount lenses with variable focus adjustment and two different apertures, the IVS 1048i / DCR 1048i image processing sensors provide a high degree of flexibility in terms of reading distance, field of vision, resolution and depth of field.


IVS 1048i: Quality check during labeling process

On a packaging line, a label is to be affixed to the primary packaging. The label must be attached correctly before the product is inserted into the secondary packaging.

With its variable field of vision and large operating range, the new IVS 1048i can easily locate and measure the label and check whether or not it has been attached correctly.

IVS 1048i: Adhesive detection during the sealing of secondary packaging

If adhesive is used for sealing secondary packaging, it must be ensured that the adhesive has been applied correctly before the carton is sealed.

The IVS 1048i can detect and count the adhesive beads or measure their length and is therefore ideally suited for such applications.

IVS 1048i: Quality check during sealing in beverage filling processes

In a beverage filling system, it must be checked whether the bottle caps are seated correctly.

With its extensive tool set, the new IVS 1048i Simple Vision sensor can determine whether the bottle cap is sealed correctly.

DCR 1048i: Simultaneous reading of multiple 1D and 2D-codes

A secondary packaging has both a 1D-code and a 2D-code. For quality assurance purposes, the codes are to be scanned before insertion as a pack of 5 into a carton. During the process, the codes are to be identified simultaneously with a single scan irrespective of the code type. 

The new DCR 1048i can read either single 1D and 2D-codes or any number of 1D and 2D-codes simultaneously without problem by means of multicode decoding.

DCR 1048i: Reading of codes printed directly on packaging material

A 2D-code is printed directly on secondary packaging. The decoding of these so-called DPM codes is essential for the traceability of the products.

The DCR 1048i DPM Simple Vision sensor has an optimized reading algorithm which is specially designed for decoding codes that are printed directly on packaging.

DCR 1048i: Code reading for detecting the alignment of bags on conveyor lines

On bagged products, a code is printed on the rear side of the packaging. This code is to be used to check that all bagged products are aligned correctly before they are automatically packed into a carton.

The DCR 1048i can identify the codes to check whether or not the bagged product is aligned correctly. Alternatively, pattern detection can also be used to detect the correct alignment of the bagged products.

Technical properties

  DCR 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M4 DCR 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M4-TDPM IVS 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M4-TPRD IVS 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M4-TMEC IVS 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M4-TALL IVS 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M1-TPRD IVS 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M1-TMEC IVS 1048i ADJ-8F4-102-M1-TALL
Detect (brightness, contrast, surface pixels, edge pixels)      •  •  •  •  •  •
Locate (surface, edge, form)      •  •  •  •  •  •
Count (surface, edge, form)        •  •    •  •
Measure (angle, circle, distance, point-to-point, point-to-line)        •  •    •  •
Detect bar codes  •  •      •      •
Locate bar codes   •  •      •      •
Count bar codes   •  •      •      •
Detect bar codes with DPM marking    •      •      
Locate bar codes with DPM marking     •      •      
Count bar codes with DPM marking     •      •      
Optical data
Type High resolution – M4; low resolution – M1
Imager Sony Global Shutter
Optical format 1/2.9"
Resolution (H x V) 1,440 x 1,080 pixels; 736 x 480 pixels
Pixel size (µm) 3.45 x 3.45
Max. frame rate (fps) 30
Working range 50 - 2,000 mm, depending on optics
Lens S-Mount, 4 focal lengths: 3.6, 8, 16, 25 mm
Diaphragm All lenses with f/4 or f/8 aperture
Electrical data  
Power supply  18 … 30 VDC
Open-circuit current (max.)  1000 mA @24V
Internal illumination  Switchable internal illumination: high-power red or high-power white
Flash memory / number of jobs  16 GB / up to 255 jobs
Interfaces  Digital I/O, Ethernet 100Mbit/s
Digital input / output  2 + 1 external trigger / 4 + 1 ready signal; all push-pull; max. 150 mA load current
Image memory  Via FTP, SFTP / manually in Vision Studio software
Mechanical data  
(H x W x D)
 85 x 45 x 34 mm
Optics connection  S-mount
Optics cover  PMMA
Fastening  4x M3 thread