Safety transponder

Part no.: 63002012

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Series RD800
Application Individual use
Series use
Code type Standard code
SIL Up to 3, IEC 61508
SILCL Up to 3, IEC/EN 62061
Performance Level (PL) Up to and including e, EN ISO 13849-1
MTTFd 4,077 years, EN ISO 13849-1
PFHD 1.45E-09 per hour
Mission time 20 years, EN ISO 13849-1
Category Up to and including 4, EN ISO 13849
DC High
Protective circuit Cross circuit protection
Short circuit protected
Pulse resistance 1,500 V
Usage category at DC 12 Ue 24 V, Ie 0.25 A, EN 60947-5-1
Supply voltage UB 24 V, DC, -15 ... 10 %
Current consumption, max. 250 mA
Power consumption, max. 1 W
Nominal current, min. 0.5 mA
Overvoltage category III
Fuse, external 1 A
Fuse, internal 0.75 A polyfuse (O1 + O2 + O3)
Rated insulation voltage 32 V DC
Conventional thermal current, max. 0.25 A
Number of digital switching inputs 2 Piece(s)
Type Digital switching input
Switching voltage, typ. 24 V
Voltage type DC
Current consumption, max. 5 mA
Number of safety-related switching outputs (OSSDs) 2 Piece(s)
Number of digital switching outputs 1 Piece(s)
Switching power, max. 6 W
Type Safety-related switching output OSSD
Switching voltage, typ. 24 V
Voltage type DC
Output current, max. 250 mA
Test-pulse length, max. 0.3 ms
Capacitance, max. between an output and GND 200 nF
Capacitance, max. between two outputs 200 nF
Switching element Transistor, PNP
Switching element Transistor, PNP
Type Digital switching output
Switching voltage, typ. 24 V
Voltage type DC
Switching current, max. 100 mA
Switching element Transistor, PNP
Function Signal output
Reaction time after removing the actuator, min. 80 ms
Reaction time after removing the actuator, max. 150 ms
Reaction time after shutdown, input, min. 7 ms
Reaction time after shutdown, input, max. 12 ms
Number of connections 1 Piece(s)
Function Connection with PLC
Signal OUT
Voltage supply
Type of connection Connector
Thread size M12
Material Metal
No. of pins 8 -pin
Plug outlet On left side
Length of connection cable, max. 50 m
Design Cubic
Dimension (W x H x L) 25 mm x 18 mm x 72 mm
Housing material Plastic
Plastic housing PA 66
Net weight 57 g
Housing color Black
Type of fastening Through-hole mounting
Switching hysteresis, max. 2.4 mm
Assured cut-out distance (Sar), min. 16 mm
Assured cut-in distance (Sao), max. 10 mm
Nominal switch-off distance, max. 14 mm
Nominal operating distance, max. 12 mm
Distance between two systems (sensor, actuator), min. 50 mm
Repeatability, max. 1.2 mm
Screw tightening torque 0.8 ... 2 N·m
Type of display LED
Number of LEDs 4 Piece(s)
Ambient temperature, operation -25 ... 70 °C
Ambient temperature, storage -25 ... 85 °C
Degree of contamination 3, EN 60947-1
Degree of protection IP 67
IP 69K
Certifications TÜV Süd
Test procedure for shock in accordance with standard EN 60068-2-27
Test procedure for vibration in accordance with standard EN 60068-2-6
Customs tariff number 85369095
ECLASS 5.1.4 27272403
ECLASS 8.0 27272403
ECLASS 9.0 27272403
ECLASS 10.0 27272403
ECLASS 11.0 27272403
ECLASS 12.0 27274601
ECLASS 13.0 27274601
ECLASS 14.0 27274601
ETIM 5.0 EC001829
ETIM 6.0 EC001829
ETIM 7.0 EC001829
ETIM 8.0 EC001829
ETIM 9.0 EC001829
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MSI 410-01
Safety control
Part no.: 50132984
  • Type: Safety control
  • Number of inputs: 20 Piece(s)
  • Number of outputs: 4 Piece(s)
  • Type of terminal: Screw terminal
Part no.: 50132984