Bar code positioning systems

With bar code positioning systems, the read head is moved along a bar code tape. It calculates the absolute position data in the direction of travel with millimeter accuracy up to a distance of 10 km. The bar code tape is simple to use and can be bonded both in straight lines and in curves. Maximum flexibility, simple mounting, transparent diagnosis as well as a large selection of integrated interfaces are the strengths of this system. The new "availability control" function allows diagnosis to be performed during operation.

Determination of position data with millimeter accuracy using the BPS 300i bar code positioning system

Fast and precise position detection is a prerequisite in machine and system construction for ensuring the efficient movement of goods. The BPS 300i bar code positioning system, with its absolute position determination over a length of 10 km at a maximum speed of 10 m/s, is designed for use on stacker cranes, transverse transfer cars and electrical monorail systems.

Advantages for you

  • Simple fieldbus integration: The already-integrated fieldbus interfaces enable adaptation to various control systems. If configurations are necessary, they are performed directly via the control systems (e.g., GSDML file) or via the web server integrated in the device (e.g., with SSI interface). The devices are configured directly via the control. You thereby save time during installation and costs for otherwise necessary connection units. Moreover, no configuration is required should device replacement be necessary.

  • Large performance reserve: Thanks to a working range of ± 60 mm, the systems, with their laser technology, are very tolerant of mechanical fluctuations. They thereby offer reliable position detection with the largest performance reserve in every environment

  • Predictive maintenance: The reading quality monitoring constantly analyzes the decodability of the bar codes and indicates a decline in function reserve in good time. The availability of the system is thereby ensured.

  • Simple mounting: The sophisticated fastening concept enables simple and robust mounting of the devices. Should replacement be necessary, the devices can be exchanged position-neutral, i.e., without realigning.

  • Modularly selectable function range:
    • Various connection hoods (terminals, M12, cables) for optimum integration in your control
    • Optional display for visualization and diagnosis
    • Optional optics heating for low-temperature applications.


integrated connectivity

The BPS 300i transfers position data as well as status information via various interfaces that are integrated in the device. Additional gateways no longer required. Communication is especially comfortable if data exchange with the control can take place via defined GSD/GSDML or ESI file structures.

Integrated webConfig tool

An integrated web user interface enables access to comprehensive diagnosis that can also be designed as remote access if necessary. Devices with, e.g., SSI or RS 485/RS422 interfaces can be configured very easily with the easy-to-understand, graphical user interface.


Curve-capable position determination on electrical monorail systems

Fast and precise positioning of travel and lifting axes on stacker cranes

Position detection on gantry crane axes

BPS 8 compact bar code positioning system 

Our compact BPS 8 bar code positioning system requires little space and, thanks to its large working range, is able to compensate for mechanical fluctuations reliably. It convinces with simple mounting mechanics and a standardized M12 plug connection. The RS 232 or RS 485 interface allows the system to be incorporated in your system architecture without problem. The BPS 8 is available either with front beam exit or with a deflecting mirror.

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Overview of the technical data


BPS 300i


Working range

50 – 170 mm

80 – 140 mm, front beam exit

60 – 120 mm, angled beam exit

Reproducibility ± 0.15 mm ± 1(2) mm
Measurement value output 1 ms (1,000 values/s) 3.3 ms (300 values/s)
Integration time 8 ms 26.6 (13.3) ms
Max. traverse rate 10 m/s 4 m/s
Integrated interfaces PROFINET, PROFIBUS, SSI,
EtherCAT, RS 422, RS 485

RS 232,
RS 485 via MA 8-01

Supply voltage 10 – 30 V DC 4.9 – 5.4 V DC,
Direct connection 10 – 30 V DC,
via MA 8-01

Ambient temperature (operation)
without heating
with heating

-5 – +50 °C
-35 – +50 °C


0 °C – +40 °C

Bar code tapes (BCB)

The second fundamental element of a bar code positioning system is the bar code tape. A self-adhesive and highly flexible plastic tape is printed with a unique bar code at regular intervals. This technology makes the tape resistant, resilient and mechanically durable. The position value is also printed in "plain text" to simplify handling. This tape, which may be up to 10,000 m in length, can be simply affixed along the travel path and also enables use on horizontal and vertical curves, such as those found on electrical monorail systems.  

The bar code tape can be delivered according to individual requirements. Here, the tape height, the tape length as well as the start and end position can be adapted to the given application. Should the tape happen to be damaged, the necessary section of tape is available online on the Leuze website and, in a first step, can even be self-printed. This is also possible without any time delay, thereby ensuring system availability. In a subsequent step, the tape section can be ordered as an originally manufactured bar code tape.

Tape lengths

Standard tapes: 5 m to 150 m, 200 m

Custom tape lengths: up to 10000 m

Tape height

Standard heights: 25 mm/47 mm

Custom height: 20 mm – 140 mm

Bar code tapes for BPS 300; BPS 30 BCB G40…(grid dimension 40 mm)
Bar code tapes for FBPS 600; BPS 8 BCB G30…(grid dimension 30 mm) 
Recommended processing temperature 0°C - +45°C
Temperature resistance 40°C – +120°C
Adhesive Powerful adhesive
Mechanical properties Scratch and wipe resistant, UV-light resistant, moisture and chemical resistant


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Safe bar code positioning system FBPS 600i

For safe position detection with just one device up to PLe

The world's first safety bar code positioning system, FBPS 600i, requires just one sensor for safe position detection. The device is connected to a safe evaluation unit – e.g. a frequency inverter – via two SSI interfaces and is suitable for applications up to performance level PL e. As a result, safety functions can be implemented extremely easily and the time and effort required for installation and servicing is reduced.

Advantages for you

  • Safe position detection with just one device up to PL e
  • Extremely easy implementation of the safety functions
  • Low space requirements and reduced installation effort
  • Short fault reaction time of 10 ms for use on fast stacker cranes
  • Extremely robust, mechanically resilient and UV-resistant bar code tape
  • Wide working range of 50 to 170 mm and the well-thought-out fastening concept ensure simple mounting and integration


Safe position detection with just one device up to PL e

The FBPS 600i requires just one sensor for safe position detection. The device is connected to a safe evaluation unit – e.g. a frequency inverter – via two SSI interfaces. Furthermore, the devices already meet the requirements for PL e / SIL 3. As a result, safety functions can be implemented extremely easily and the time and effort required for installation and servicing is reduced.

Suitable for fast movements

The FBPS 600i is ideal for position detection in applications involving fast movements, e.g. on stacker cranes. For this purpose, the FBPS 600i has an extremely short error reaction time of just 10 ms. This enables the optimization of speed curves and handling performance.

Reliable operation

The FBPS 600i works particularly reliable. Each scanning operation reads several codes from which the software determines highly precise position values. The diagonal path of the scanning beam and the movement of the device mean that each code is scanned at different points. This prevents reading errors caused by local soiling or damage.

The bar code tape too has been optimized for use in industrial environments. The self-adhesive plastic tape is UV resistant, extremely resilient and mechanically durable. In addition, the printed position values are easy to read and simplify handling.

Fast and correct mounting in all situations

The well-thought-out fastening concept with quick-change system ensures simple mounting of the FBPS 600i devices. They are securely mounted to the clamp bracket using an easily accessible screw. This saves time during installation and allows the devices to be changed quickly if servicing is required. Furthermore, thanks to their wide working range of 50 to 170 mm, the FBPS 600i devices are easy to integrate into existing systems.


Safe position detection on stacker cranes

The dangers present at the system and the necessary Performance Level PLr have been determined with a risk assessment. Relevant standards such as EN 528 (safety requirements for stacker cranes) provide support here. For the necessary safe position and speed monitoring, e.g., during maintenance or with manned cars, safe position detection is required.

The FBPS 600i safe bar code positioning system offers safe position detection with just one device. It satisfies the requirements for PL e / SIL 3 and makes the implementation of the safety functions especially simple.  

Technical properties

FBPS 600i
  Safety Safety PL e, SIL 3, category 4
(EN ISO 13849-1 and IEC 61508)
Error reaction time 10 ms … 400 ms (adjustable)
Connection  2x SSI interface 2x M12 connector
Power supply: M12 connector
Configuration and diagnosis: Mini-USB
Reproducibility +/- 0.15 mm (1 Sigma)
Reading distance 50 ... 170 mm
Degree of protection IP 65
Temperature range -5 ... +60°C
With heating: -35…+60°C
Dimensions, W x H x D Connections at side: 116.3 x 112.5 x 51.5 mm
Connections underneath: 105 x 123.8 x 51.5 mm 
Display (optional) Display of position and status information
Status signal of reading quality For early detection of soiling
Bar code tape
  Feature  Features Extremely resilient plastic tape, UV‑resistant, self-adhesive with acrylate adhesive,
position values printed in plain text
Standard bar code tapes Height: 25 mm, 47 mm
Length: up to 200 m
Configurable bar code tapes Height: 20 mm to 140 mm
Selectable start and end value in the
Ranging from 0 to 10,000 m
Bar code grid dimension 30 mm


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