Throughbeam photoelectric sensors

Throughbeam photoelectric sensors always consist of a sensor and receiver. With ranges up to 150 m (800 m for object radiation). Cubic and cylindrical designs.

The most powerful throughbeam photoelectric sensor on the market: LS25CI

Super powerful and highly flexible: LS25CI throughbeam photoelectric sensors for transilluminating packaging films

In the packaging industry, products are packaged in different films. To seal the film and then separate the individual packages, the position of the product inside the film must be reliably detected. Detection becomes more difficult, the more opaque the film is. Metalized films in particular make transillumination difficult. To solve this problem, we offer our customers a throughbeam photoelectric sensor which is by far the most powerful on the market and which can transilluminate even dark, metalized films. The infrared light used by the sensor is powerful enough to transilluminate a human hand, but is at the same time completely harmless and eye-safe. Furthermore, the photoelectric sensor can be adjusted so sensitively that it can detect individual transparent films. This wide range of capabilities makes it a real problem solver when it comes to film transillumination.

Advantages for you

  • The most powerful throughbeam photoelectric sensor on the market can transilluminate any type of packaging film and reliably detect objects inside
  • Both the transmitter power and the receiver sensitivity can be adjusted quickly and intuitively via potentiometers
  • The robust housing has degrees of protection IP67 and IP69K. It has been ECOLAB-certified for use in harsh environments where frequent cleaning is necessary.
  • For metalized and extremely strongly absorbing films, there is the even more powerful LS25CI.XX super power transmitter model that does not require any adjustment.
  • The used infrared light is harmless and eye-safe


High power or super power – two power classes for every type of packaging

Depending on the task, the sensor is faced with different challenges: should an object wrapped in transparent film be detected or should the film itself be detected? Or does a dark film need to be transilluminated?

  • The LS25CI.XX super power throughbeam photoelectric sensor transmitter transilluminates even metalized films and reliably detects the objects inside
  • The LS25CI.XR1 high power throughbeam photoelectric sensor transmitter can transilluminate dark films and also detect specific films. Its power can be adjusted via the potentiometer.
  • The LE25CI.XX1 throughbeam photoelectric sensor receiver works with both transmitter variants and its sensitivity is controlled via a potentiometer.


Detection of the front edge of a product in a metalized film cover

In a horizontal packaging system, candy bars are packaged in film. The packaging film has a colorful print and is opaque. To separate the bars, however, the front edge of the bar inside the film sleeve needs to be reliably detected to ensure that sealing occurs at the correct position.

The high-performance LS25CI.XX super power transilluminates even metalized and darkly colored films effortlessly, even if multiple layers need to be transilluminated. Despite this, the front edge of the packaged product is reliably detected.

Technical properties

Feature LS25CI.XX super power transmitter LS25CI.XR1 high power transmitter LE25CI.XR1 receiver
Type Transmitter Transmitter Receiver (compatible with both transmitters)
Setting None Potentiometer Potentiometer
Light source Infrared (850 nm) Infrared (850 nm) -
Operating range (calculated) 400 m 220 m 400 m / 220 m
Switching frequency 100 Hz 100 Hz 100 Hz
Response time 5 ms 5 ms 5 ms
Temperature range -40 ... 50 °C -40 ... 50 °C -40 ... 50 °C
Switching output - - PNP light/dark
NPN light/dark
Degree of protection IP 67, IP 69K IP 67, IP 69K IP 67, IP 69K
Connection M12, M8, cable M12, M8, cable M12, M8, cable