SET LS 618/4-S12

Throughbeam photoelectric sensor

Part no.: 50038451

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This is a combination product: receiver and transmitter of the same series are required for operation.
Please ensure that both devices are replaced with the appropriate product alternatives.
Please use the receiver's designation or part number to find an alternative transmitter/receiver combination.

Please refer to the file Application Note Substitutes to find technical details on substitute products.
The file can be found under the Downloads/Technical documentation tab.

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Throughbeam photoelectric sensor receiver
Part no.: 50122709
  • Series: 328
  • Operating principle: Throughbeam principle
  • Switching output 1: Transistor, PNP, Transistor, PNP
  • Switching frequency: 500 Hz
Part no.: 50122709
Throughbeam photoelectric sensor transmitter
Part no.: 50122702
  • Series: 328
  • Operating principle: Throughbeam principle
  • Special version: Deactivation input
  • Light source: LED, Red
Part no.: 50122702