60 years of Leuze – Our history behind the brand

From cotton weaving and spinning mill to international sensor experts: We are celebrating our 60th birthday!

Leuze creates new standards on the market and repeatedly sets technological milestones – e.g. the world's first bar code positioning system BCL 21 or the safety laser scanner RSL 400 with extremely large operating range. With curiosity and determination we, the 1600 Sensor People worldwide, develop innovative and efficient sensor and safety solutions. This is how we ensure your continued future success.

Find out more about the family business and discover the Leuze brand for yourself.

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Corporate milestones

The start of Leuze electronic

With the goal of manufacturing electronic optical sensors, Helmut, Christof and Adolf Leuze established Leuze electronic in part of the old weaving mill in Owen (Germany) on January 1, 1963. They initially focused on the textile industry, in which Leuze had its roots, as well as in the printing and paper sector. Four years later, the company had earned its first million in sales.

First subsidiary

1977 saw the founding of Leuze Opto Electronic in Unterstadion in Southern Germany. In 2007, the company's first subsidiary began operating under the name Leuze electronic assembly GmbH. Electronic modules, printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and integrated systems based on these boards were developed, manufactured and sold there.



Expansion to other European countries

Already in the early 1980s, Leuze established its first subsidiaries in other European countries. The Leuze sales companies in Switzerland and France are the oldest international subsidiaries. The picture shows the then manager of the French subsidiary Adrian van Dravik together with Christof Leuze and Günther Stiefelmeyer.

Internationalization and acquisition of Lumiflex

The first big steps to take the company international were made in North and South America and were followed by efforts in Asia starting in the 1990s. 1993 saw the acquisition of Lumiflex GmbH. Today's development site has been located in Germering near Munich since 2016.

Global presence

Today, the Sensor People are present around the world with three technological competence centers and more than 20 of their own Leuze sales companies. In addition, Leuze is present in another 27 countries and is supported by some 30 partners.

Company headquarters in Owen

The entire Leuze group is controlled centrally and worldwide from Owen. The main Leuze location serves not only as headquarters but is also the largest production location with a manufacturing area of 3,200 square meters.

The Sensor People produce their sensors on four continents. 2019 saw the opening of the technological competence and distribution center in Singapore.

International distribution center and plant in Malaysia

In 2020, the international distribution center in Unterlenningen was opened. Two years later the new Leuze plant in Malacca, Malaysia.


Technological milestones

The world's smallest reflex head led to a breakthrough

Leuze together with its customers has always found the best solution for their sensor applications. This led to one of the company's first products – the then world's smallest reflex head.

Contactless data transmission with the DDLS 78

Did you know that the world's first industrial optical data transceiver came from Leuze?

In the mid-1970s, Leuze with its DDLS 78 for the first time succeeded in replacing trailing cables used in warehouse logistics with contactless data transmission.


First industrial bar code reader: the BCL 10

In the mid-1980s, Leuze set a new standard on the market with its BCL 10, the first industrial bar code reader.


Entry into the field of automation technology for safety at work

With the development of its first protective sensor for access guarding, the SLS 89, Leuze successfully took its first steps in the world of automation technology for safety at work.


World's first bar code positioning system

Sensors increasingly perform positioning applications. In the 1990s, this led to the world's first bar code positioning system, then still called the BCL 21 bar code reader.


Safety laser scanner with triangulation principle

One in-house "Safety at Leuze" development that Leuze is especially proud of is its first safety laser scanner with triangulation principle, the RS 2. Already in the 1990s, at a time when automated guided vehicles (AGV) were still just in their infancy, Leuze recognized that these would become established sooner or later for the transport of goods.

Label fork with innovative detection principle

The expertise of the Sensor People led to the development of an absolute innovation in the 2000s: The GSU 14 was the fastest and most accurate label fork in the world. And it did so using a completely new detection principle: ultrasonics.


Safety light curtains: Constant expansion

Leuze developed the first safety light curtains already in the 1990s. In the 2000s, the product range was significantly expanded with the Compact Plus and Solid models.
The functionality has also continuously undergone further development, e.g. with the Leuze-patented Smart Process Gating on the basis of the current MLC 530 safety light curtain.


Laser positioning system for intralogistics

Intralogistics is one of Leuze's focus industries. The AMS laser positioning system from Leuze is an ideal solution for applications in intralogistics.


RSL 400: Maximum operating range guaranteed

A true product highlight is the RSL 400 with PROFIsafe: This is a safety laser scanner with extremely large operating range and two independent protective functions.

World first: GSX 14E

The GSX 14E combined fork sensor is a genuine world first: This sensor combines both detection principles – light and ultrasonics – in one compact sensor.


Cost-optimized design thanks to ELC 100

The ELC 100 safety light curtains are used for guarding points of operation and enable a cost-efficient machine design.



60 years of Leuze - The Sensor People

Company history is also always contemporary history. Find out more about the brand and the family behind the company Leuze. And about the sensor and safety solutions that the Sensor People develop to ensure the continued success of their customers in a constantly changing industry.


Voices of our partners

The wonderful thing about the anniversary: Two of the founders are actively involved in organizing this anniversary. Christof and Helmut Leuze form the foundation and link the past to the future, the family and the company.

Voices of the Sensor People


60 years of Leuze – anniversary celebration impressions