Directives, standards and laws

Machine safety is an integral part of machine design. In addition to the moral obligation to protect and preserve the health of persons and to observe the applicable regulations, the topic of machine safety is also a matter of economic sense for manufacturers and operating companies. A workplace accident usually means production downtime, can cause follow-up costs and also have legal consequences.

In the various regions and countries of the world, there are different concepts for machine safety and labor protection. There are differences in the requirements and evaluation of safety concepts, in the individual awareness of the problem and in the responsibilities and legal consequences. Generally speaking, the laws and standards of the country in which the machine is operated apply, even if the machine was constructed in another country.

The following information is intended as an introductory overview of the topic of machine safety. It does not release one from conducting an in-depth study and from observing the respective, applicable regional and machine-specific regulations as well as adhering to the operating instructions of the devices. Thus, no legal claim can be derived from the following information.