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Leuze is an international sensor expert for automation technology. With curiosity and determination, we – the Sensor People – have been forerunners for innovations and technological milestones in industrial automation for 60 years. The success of our customers is what drives us.
Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow.

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Our high-tech product range includes a number of different sensors for the field of automation technology. Among these are switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission and image processing solutions. As a Safety Expert, we are also focused on components, services and solutions for safety at work.

We are primarily targeting industries in which we have in-depth, specific application know-how and many years of experience. These include intralogistics and the packaging industry, machine tools, the automotive industry as well as laboratory automation.

Leuze was founded in Owen/Teck in Southern Germany – its headquarters. Today there are more than 1600 Sensor People around the world who are working with determination and passion for progress and transformation to make our customers successful in a constantly changing industry. Regardless of whether in the technological competence centers or in one of the 21 sales companies, supported by more than 40 international distributors.  

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We are a globally positioned, family-owned company and create tomorrow’s innovations together with our customers.




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Innovation history


Our Leuze innovation history began in 1963 in the factory section of the weaving mill Leuze textil in Owen/Teck.  A staff of six developed the first electronic Leuze sensors. They were first used for the company’s own textile department. But soon they were also sold to customers in other industries.

"We have always looked to the future and listened to our customers, their wishes and needs. From the start, this is how we have come up with creative solutions that have made us who we are today. Our goal is to make our customers with their specific application as successful as possible for the long term. Yesterday. Today. Tomorrow," says company founder Christof Leuze.


Mechanical switches were increasingly replaced by wear-free, contactless reflex sensors. Smaller components enabled miniaturized designs. This is how the RK 06/1, the world’s smallest reflex head, was developed. This opens up new industries for Leuze, above all the printing industry.
(Figure: RK 06/1)


Leuze sensors with a metal housing, compact design and stable mounting technology were extremely robust. That is why they were predestined for the harshest environmental conditions, such as in brickworks or the wood industry. The first Leuze retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, the RK18 was developed.

Trailing cables in warehouse logistics were replaced by contactless data transmission for the first time. This marked the dawn of the world’s first data transmission photoelectric sensor,
the DDLS 78 from Leuze.
(Figure: DDLS 78)


Leuze entered the packaging industry and soon also the beverage filling industry with the development of the first retro-reflective photoelectric sensor, the PRK 72, with a contactless reflex head. The industrial experience gained here later resulted in the polarization filter for differentiation between transparent objects. In turn, Leuze used this experience for further applications, such as labeling machines, for example. This is how more and more industry sectors were added, in which Leuze grew exponentially together with the innovation drivers and market leaders of that time.

With the GS 5, Leuze developed the very first label fork for labeling machines.

An important milestone was set with the development of the SLS 89, the first protective sensor for access guarding. This laid the foundation for Leuze to become a safety expert.
(Figure: SLS 89)


Leuze’s growing expertise in optical sensors as well as extensive experience from various industries and applications have led to numerous and different Leuze new developments: always with the aim of further automating processes and making them more efficient in order to ensure that our customers are successful with their specific application for the long term.
This is how Leuze was first to develop the concept of a laser scanner that uses the triangulation principle. This resulted in the RS 2. The world’s first bar code positioning system, the BCL 21, and the smallest industrial bar code reader, the BCL 8, were also developed by Leuze. From their expertise in safety, Leuze developed the world’s first protective retro-reflective photoelectric sensor for access guarding, the SRK 96, with only single-sided wiring. (Figure: BCL 21)


Leuze further expanded its safety expertise and developed the first TOF laser scanner RS 4, both as a measuring and a safety variant. Leuze also invented the AS interface and became a founding member of this user organization as well as the IO-Link consortium.
In the field of fork sensors, there followed another world first: The GSU 14 from Leuze was the first fork sensor for detecting transparent or metallized labels with the brand-new ultrasonic detection principle. (Figure: GSU 14)


The BCL 300i set another technological milestone as the first bar code reader without an additional gateway and the CML 700i as the fastest light curtain in the world.

A further development of the Leuze-RS 4 Safety is the RSL 400 safety laser scanner with maximum range and two independent protective functions: different models are available, including one with PROFINET. 

Smart Process Gating is based on our MLC 530 safety light curtains and enables innovative access guarding on conveyor lines without muting sensors.
IO-Link and OPC UA have already been used for several years by us. They enable standardized industrial communication. (Figure: RSL 400)


With the DRT 25C, which is based on Contrast Adaptive Teach CAT, a brand new reference technology, Leuze has created a completely new functional principle for switching sensors.
Leuze, the developer of what was once the first fork sensor for light and later the first ultrasonic fork sensor, combines the two detection principles of light and ultrasound in one compact sensor and develops the GSXU 14E combination fork sensor specifically for labeling machines. (Figure: DRT 25C)



Our goal is to always be available to you in person, quickly and conveniently. We produce on three continents, allowing us to offer you reliable product availability and fast deliverability. 

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We sell optical and inductive sensors as well as identification, data transmission and image processing systems and components, services and solutions for safety at work.

Our distribution company Leuze electronic Deutschland GmbH + Co. KG is located in close proximity to our headquarters in Owen/Teck, Baden-Württemberg. We, the Sensor People, offer expert advice and reliable customer service.  


Contact information

We develop and manufacture optical and inductive sensors as well as identification, data transmission and image processing systems.

As a leading innovator in optical sensors, Leuze was founded in 1963 at its current headquarters in Owen/Teck, Baden-Württemberg. More than 60 years of experience made us Sensor People real experts in innovative and efficient sensor and safety solutions for industrial automation.
Our high-tech product range includes a number of different sensors for the field of automation technology. Among these are switching and measuring sensors, identification systems, and data transmission and image processing solutions. As a Safety Expert, we are also focused on components, services and solutions for safety at work. Our main focus is on the areas of intralogistics, packaging industry, machine tools and automotive industry, as well as laboratory automation.


Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

In der Braike 1
73277 Owen
Phone: +49 7021 573-0
Fax: +49 7021 573-199
E-mail: info@leuze.com 


We develop safety at Leuze. And by that we mean more than just safety components.

This also includes safety services and turnkey safety solutions for safety at work. Our objective is to make your machines and systems even more efficient and safer at the same time. After all, your success is our motivation. As a safety expert, we have decades of know-how in this area and have already pioneered numerous safety innovations: from the very first protective sensor to the invention of the AS-Interface. The first safety laser scanner with PROFIBUS connection is also our brainchild. So is Smart Process Gating, which offers sensorless muting for space-saving access guarding on conveyor lines. Our safety consultants develop comprehensive safety concepts and accompany you through the entire project including the safety acceptance.


Leuze electronic GmbH + Co. KG

Industriestraße 17
82110 Germering
Phone: +49 7021 573-0
Fax: +49 7021 573-199
E-mail: info@leuze.com 

We develop, manufacture and sell electronic assemblies and assembled printed circuit boards as well as integrated systems built upon the PCBs, both for the Leuze electronic group and for external customers. We offer highly innovative solutions, a good price/performance ratio and our individual, customer-specific support.

An advanced logistics concept facilitates the combination of a large spectrum of lot sizes with a wide range of variants. Our extensive palette of technological services makes us the competent and reliable partner for the mounting of THT- and SMT-components on flexible or rigid PCBs. Our area of specialization is connection technology on flexible base material as well as the mounting of fine pitch BGAs, including "Package on Package" (PoP) solutions. State-of-the-art testing technologies, such as Flying Probe and AOI for optical process inspections, ensure our high quality standards.


Leuze electronic assembly GmbH

Stützenstraße 3
89619 Unterstadion
Phone: +49 7393 9508-0
Fax: +49 7393 9508-49
E-mail: assembly@leuze.de

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Quality standards

Satisfied customers are the basis of our success. Our core competencies are first-class sensor solutions, the high quality of which is ensured through tested and validated processes. 

We guarantee the adherence to legal and customer specifications and expectations through our company values and compliance with laws, policies and standards. This also includes the commitment to the sustainable protection of our environment through the use of future-oriented technologies and the sparing use of resources. 

Our own demand for and our understanding of quality is continuously updated and is confirmed to have a high level of maturity by accredited certification bodies. 

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Cooperation and partners

Together with strong partners, we have been developing innovative sensor and safety solutions for industrial automation for more than 60 years. 


ASI Consortium

AS-International Association
Since the founding of AS-Interface in 1991, Leuze has been a constant member of this relevant working body and offers a wide range of standard and safety sensor solutions with integrated AS-i interface, including of the AS-i safety controller, the AS-i safety monitor, etc., developed by Leuze.


IO-Link Consortium

IO-Link Organization
As one of the founding members of the IO-Link Consortium, Leuze helps shape the new interface standard for the lowest field level.



MVtec Software GmbH
Together with MVtec Software GmbH as Vision Acquisition Partner, an interface for the LPS 3D profile sensors was defined for simple integration in the HALCON imaging processing software.



Microsoft Corporation
Leuze and Microsoft jointly develop a sensor solution with I4.0 capability which is based on the BCL 300i bar code reader and transfers the data directly to the Azure Cloud and back to the sensor.




German mechanical engineering industry association



Central Association of the Electrical Engineering and Electronics Industry



Automatic identification, data acquisition and mob. data communication



PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V. (PROFIBUS User Organization)



Open DeviceNet Vendor Association


OPC Foundation

Open Platform Communications Foundation



Efficient automation future



CAN in Automation