Hydraulic press brake

In hydraulic press brakes, bending presses or bending machines, a wide range of sheet metal parts are produced through bending. Extreme forces are at play here in some cases. These as well as the large dimensions of the manufactured parts require various safety measures.

Our robust safety light curtains safeguard points of operation as
needed. The series includes many different models. It thus offers a perfect solution for nearly every requirement. Flexible blanking functions also make it possible to adapt to different work pieces and make them safe, yet efficient to use.

[01] Guarding the point of operation with protection against reaching under

Requirement: Guarding of the point of operation must detect violation of the protective field. Fixed or moving machine parts or work pieces inside the protective field, however, are to be permitted and must not cause a shutdown.

Solution: The MLC 530 safety light curtains have the following functions: fixed blanking, floating blanking and reduced resolution. These functions can be configured so that certain objects are permitted inside the protective field.

[02] Access guarding at rear of machine

Requirement: Access to the rear of a machine is to be guarded by an electrosensitive protective device. The necessary distance between the protective device and point of operation is to be as small as possible.

Solution: With their high resolution, the safety light curtains of the ELC and MLC series offer reliable finger and hand detection. Short safety distances can thereby be realized. A multiple light beam safety device of the MLD series is available as an alternative solution for larger safety distances.

[03] Integration of safety sensors

Requirement: Multiple safety sensors must be integrated into the machine or system control. Functions such as a time delay for releasing a locking device or signal connections are also to be configured.

Solution: The basic module of the MSI 400 expandable safety control already has
24 safe inputs/outputs as well as an Ethernet interface with Industrial Ethernet protocols. The safety control can be configured quickly and efficiently using the license-free configuration software MSI.designer.

[04] Detection of order data

Requirement: During the processing of customer and production orders, 1D- or
2D-codes must be read on the corresponding order papers for each order to record and assign individual orders.

Solution: The IT147xg mobile code readers detect all commonly printed 1D- and
2D-codes. The especially ergonomic housing design is gentle on the user during
continuous use. The robust devices also withstand impacts or falling onto the floor. The IT199xi are especially resistant to contamination such as oils or cleaning agents.