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The demands on manufacturers of packaging machines and consumer goods are high and dynamic: consumers expect innovative and sustainable packaging materials, brand and consumer protection are gaining in importance and e-commerce is the defining trend in retail. Packaging processes in the food and pharmaceutical industries must become increasingly flexible, efficient and intelligent.

Our broad product range includes sensors for the entire packaging process – each tailored to your specific requirements. While hygiene requirements are very high in sausage and cheese processing or in the pharmaceutical industry, speed and efficiency are additionally important in the beverage industry. In confectionery packaging, the focus is on flexibility and easy format changes. Together with our customers, we have been developing the right solution for every application for over 60 years. No matter whether this involves individual standard sensors, special sensors or complete solutions. Our goal is to ensure that your systems are available and your production processes are reliable, safe and trackable.

Our highlights for packaging processes in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Simple Vision sensors: IVS 108 and IVS 1048i / DCR 1048i

As easy to use as an optical sensor with high performance comparable to a camera system – the unique Simple Vision concept from Leuze. The new product range offers quick and easy entry into image processing used in industrial automation.

New range of sensors for hygiene-sensitive production processes

Our new stainless steel sensor platform with the 53C series in hygienic design and 55C in wash-down design was especially developed for applications with increased hygiene requirements.

High-speed retro-reflective photoelectric sensors for highly transparent objects

The sensors of the PRK 18B series detect preforms and PET or glass bottles extremely quickly and reliably. A special tracking function compensates for contamination and increases the cleaning intervals.

Most powerful throughbeam photoelectric sensors for detection through film

The LS25CI photoelectric sensors have been developed to solve the problem of detecting objects through film. They are so powerful that they even detect objects through metalized packaging film.


Dynamic reference diffuse sensors for object-independent detection

The DRT 25C dynamic reference diffuse sensor is equipped with intelligent "Contrast Adaptive Teach" (CAT) technology and specializes in detecting challenging shapes or surfaces – without adjustments having to be made at the sensor in the case of format changes.

Flexible and precise: Ultrasonic sensors with adjustable sound cone

New cubic ultrasonic sensors with small dead zone and three adjustable sound cone widths for precise switching and measurement results.


Your task – our solutions

The processing and packaging of food and pharmaceuticals is subject to stringent requirements. We support manufacturers of packaging machines and producers of consumer goods by providing sensors and application advice.

Detection of transparent objects

The detection of transparent objects often poses a challenge for sensor systems. We offer sensors specially designed to detect preforms, bottles and films.

Optimized for transparent objects

Beverage filling

Detection through film

To seal the film and to separate the products, their position inside the film first needs to be detected. The most powerful throughbeam photoelectric sensors detect packaging contents through the film. 

Throughbeam photoelectric sensors 

Contrast and cut mark detection

Contrast sensors are developed to detect defined markings on objects during packaging processes. These contrast markers are located on film, bag and blister packaging or on labels.

Contrast sensors

Object-independent detection (DRT)

Sensors must detect a wide variety of products and films on the conveyor belts of packaging machines. Our dynamic reference diffuse sensors detect objects with challenging shapes and surfaces – with the conveyor belt serving as the reference.

Dynamic reference diffuse sensors

Filling level measurement

Reliably detecting the fill level of aqueous liquids in all types of containers is one of the most challenging detection tasks for sensor systems and requires extremely powerful sensor solutions.

Throughbeam photoelectric sensors

Beverage filling


Labels in various shapes and sizes as well as different materials and textures are affixed to products and packaging by means of labeling machines. Fork sensors detect labels reliably and ensure the high quality of label attachment.

Label detection 


Detection, inspection and identification

Whether presence or absence detection, part detection or inspection, measuring or counting – The Simple Vision product range offers simple introduction to image processing.
Camera-based 1D/2D scanners read codes even while in motion and have a wide area of application. 

Vision Sensors

Visual monitoring

Solutions for industrial image processing enable machines to "see" so that manual inspection tasks can be replaced or supplemented by the use of digital cameras and functions for digital image processing.

Industrial IP camera

Machine safeguarding

With a comprehensive portfolio to satisfy all safety requirements, we offer you complete safety, an efficient flow of materials, and maximum availability levels worldwide.

Safety at Leuze


Areas of application

Interview: Increasing efficiency in the packaging industry

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Application reports and downloads

Technology report: Absolute Hygiene

1 Oct 2023 | Packaging industry
Hygiene-sensitive production and packaging processes require sensors that meet the most stringent requirements. Leuze makes this possible with sensor series intended for the food industry and with its many years of application know-how.

When apples go swimming

22 May 2023 | Packaging industry
By the time an apple reaches the supermarket and the consumer, it has already been through many different processes: It has been picked, checked, stored, sorted and packaged. Few companies are as familiar with these processes as BayWa Obst GmbH & Co. KG. The company's main location for the sorting and packaging of pome fruit is located in Kressbronn am Bodensee. BayWa has had premises there since 1967. A glimpse behind the scenes is exciting for apple fans, but also from a production-related point of view because Leuze sensor technology is used at multiple points to enable the processes to function safely and efficiently.

Best quality, non-stop

10 Mar 2023 | Packaging industry
Beer lovers in South West Germany are familiar with these traditional brands: Dinkelacker, Wulle Biere, Schwaben Bräu, Sanwald, Cluss or Haigerlocher. They are all regional beer specialties, each with its own character, and are brewed by Dinkelacker. The family brewery has been in existence since 1888. It was founded by Carl Dinkelacker in the Tübinger Straße in the heart of Stuttgart. And it is still headquartered there today. The company has always placed great importance on the best raw materials. They form the basis for the quality of the beers - whether Kellerbier in a swing top bottle, top-fermented wheat beer or non-alcoholic Pilsner. This quality standard is also reflected in the technical components used in production. For this reason, Dinkelacker has long been relying on Leuze application know-how, as well as sensor technology that meets the most stringent requirements for reliability, robustness and hygiene

A real piece of the ice age, bottled

28 Feb 2022 | Packaging industry
"Untouched since the ice age" is not a marketing slogan, but a fact - a real piece of the ice age that still exists today: When the ice melted, immense amounts of water drained away into the rock of the Swabian Alp mountains. The earth shifting in an unusual way then caused this reservoir to be sealed off approximately 400 meters below the outside world. Since then, heavy layers of impermeable stone have prevented rainwater from seeping through to the reservoir and have protected it from all the environmental influences of our time.

Increase productivity, reduce waste

1 Feb 2022 | Packaging industry
In addition to the demands on productivity, high expectations of consumers and retailers weigh on food manufacturers and processors. They expect not only safe and qualitatively perfect foodstuffs. In addition to adhering to legal regulations, they increasingly require additional certifications from their suppliers. To simultaneously comply with the legal requirements, meet the standards of the retail chains and satisfy the expectations of the consumers, functioning automation technology is essential for food manufacturers and processors. This means: They need intelligent technologies and services to allow them to meet the high standards with regard to food safety as efficiently as possible, in compliance with guidelines and while making the most efficient use of resources.

SN Maschinenbau: Three tasks, one visualization

31 Jan 2022 | Packaging industry
Whether sauces, snacks or ready meals have to be filled and packaged, high throughput and quick format changes matter in the packaging systems and food industry – And to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, too. For this purpose, the sensors used have to be able to do one thing above all: meet high demands for power, flexibility and hygiene all at the same time.

Quality is the number 1 key to success

31 Jul 2017 | Packaging industry
The Bavarian dairy products and fruit juice producer Gropper is committed to quality – not only of the products that they produce and bottle themselves. When selecting their partners and suppliers the company also sets high quality requirements. They rely on Leuze electronic for the secure monitoring of dangerous processes. The manufacturer of optical sensors offers an economical and space-saving safety solution here, which keeps with the stipulated machinery directive requirements.

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