Area guarding at transverse transfer car

The increasing automation of machinery and systems places growing demands on the necessary safety concepts. Classic concepts, such as muting, are often pushed to their limits here. Our innovative safety solutions guarantee gapless safety, efficient material flow and high availability of your system, even with automated processes.

The transportation path of the transverse transfer car is to be monitored for the presence of persons by using safety laser scanners. To ensure optimum utilization of the building's surface area, the skate is to move into the vicinity of the wall. For this purpose, the protective field of the safety laser scanner must gradually be reduced as the skate approaches the wall.


An area protection system with a safety laser scanner in each direction of travel is installed on the transverse transfer car. The autonomous system detects when the skate is approaching the adjacent wall, and automatically reduces the size of the protective field of the safety laser scanner.

Advantages for you

  • Improvement of the safety concept across the entire travel range of the transfer car without any reduction in system performance
  • Simple integration: The systems work autonomously, they do not require any signals from the transfer car
  • The systems can be easily integrated into the safety circuit via the two-channel safety output and can also be easily retrofitted
  • Also for the operation of 2 skates in one aisle

System components and safety parameters

Area protection system using the following in each direction of travel

  Safety sensor: RSL 400 safety laser scanner
System control: MSI 400 safety control
Leuze safety program
PL c in accordance with ISO 13849-1, SILCL 1 in accordance with IEC 62061
2-channel safety output

Area guarding at transfer shuttles
Safety Solutions - Flyer (PDF, ~0.8 MB)