Optical sensors

Optical sensors use light in various forms to perform their detection tasks. An extensive product line is available with reliable and efficient sensor solutions for all applications that can be solved optically. Object detection for different surfaces, object sizes and colors requires various function principles, such as a throughbeam photoelectric sensor, a retro-reflective photoelectric sensor or a diffuse reflection sensor. All different operating principles are usually available in a given series (size). Universal series are also available with extended models and additional useful functions.

New sensor series for object detection

With perfect performance at the best price. The new 36 series.

The reliable detection of objects remains key for a high level of automation and for smooth processes in system technology. Particularly in intralogistics, packaging systems and the automotive industry, the objects to be detected pose huge challenges for sensor systems. Large detection distances, vibration, ambient light and soiling coupled with objects with very different optical properties require sensors with an extremely high detection performance.
At the same time, economic criteria are essential. In many applications, a higher level of automation is achieved by increasing the number of sensors, whereby the need for cost-optimized sensors moves to the fore.
The sensors of our new 36 series deliver perfect performance at the best price. Different operating principles in combination with superior signal processing result in outstanding reliability when detecting objects – even in challenging applications. The high function reserve allows objects to be detected at great distances or sources of interference or soiling to be compensated from shorter distances.

Advantages for you

  • Extremely large operating ranges result in a large function reserve and therefore in a reliable detection rate, even in the case of critical applications
  • Availability with your preferred operating principle:
    • Sensors with background suppression with max. 2500 mm operating range
    • Retro-reflective photoelectric sensors with max. 17 m operating range (optionally also for detecting objects with depolarizing properties)
    • Throughbeam photoelectric sensors with max. 80 m operating range
  • Outstanding price/performance ratio
  • All common switching logics supported: NPN and PNP switching, light and dark switching
  • Diverse connection possibilities enable easy integration (cable, M12 connector or cable with M12 connector)
  • Mounting compatibility with 46 series sensors


Detection of film-wrapped pallets

To secure pallets for transport, they are often wrapped in film. Conventional retro-reflective photoelectric sensors are unable to detect these pallets reliably owing to the depolarizing properties of the tensioned film. As this method of transport safeguarding is widely used, the sensor must detect these special objects with absolute reliability. At the same time, a cost-effective solution needs to be found to enable scaling of this application.

The new PRK36.D retro-reflective photoelectric sensor has special optics to enable depolarizing objects to be detected with absolute reliability. An improved design provides a cost benefit over sensors currently available on the market.

Detection of outer packaging in the food industry

In the food industry, identical products are generally bundled into larger packages in order to optimize and automate handling and logistical processes. A key requirement for a high level of automation are high-performance sensors which detect packages reliably – even in the case of changing products and outer packaging. To monitor these processes closely, a multitude of economically attractive sensors are required.

With our new 36 series, we offer retro-reflective photoelectric sensors which, thanks to their very high function reserve, reliably detect different packaging units. An improved design provides a cost benefit over sensors currently available on the market.

Safeguarding material availability in production systems

On the one hand, highly automated production systems require high process reliability. On the other hand, the safeguarding of material availability and material tracking are essential. Sensor systems which reliably ensure that different assembly materials are present and therefore available are key components here. At the same time, sensors must be integrated flexibly in different installation situations.

Thanks to the different operating principles, variance with respect to light color and the extremely high detection rate, our new range of 36 series sensors are ideal for detecting a wide variety of objects in production systems and therefore assessing the presence or absence of assembly materials. A broad range of mounting technology as well as diverse connection variants allow easy integration. The outstanding price/performance ratio allows scaling in large and complex production systems.

Technical properties

Feature HT36


Operating principle Diffuse sensors with background suppression Retro-reflective photoelectric sensor Polarized retro-reflective photoelectric sensor Throughbeam photoelectric sensor
Operating range 2500 mm 17 m 11 m 80 m
Light source Red light, infrared Red light Red light Red light
Switching frequency 250 Hz 300 Hz 300 Hz 300 Hz
Switching output PNP, NPN
Each with light and dark switching
Each with light and dark switching
Each with light and dark switching
Each with light and dark switching
Operation Spindle - - Potentiometer
Degree of protection IP 67 IP 67 IP 67 IP 67
Connection M12 and cable variants M12 and cable variants M12 and cable variants M12 and cable variants