Measuring and testing – machine safety guaranteed

Safety at work is the employer's responsibility and, therefore, the "boss's business". Regular testing of the protective devices ensures compliance with the required safety and quality standards. When performing safety-related measurements and tests with their own personnel, companies are often pushed to their limits. Both the necessary knowledge on the procedure and for performing the tests as well as the corresponding equipment for the measurements must be present. In Germany, the Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health) and the technical regulations for operational safety set an extremely narrow framework as far as personnel qualification requirements are concerned.

Our experienced service technicians support you on-site with these tasks. They are persons who are competent to perform the tests and whose skills are always at the latest state of the art due to regular training. The consistently high quality of our tests and of the corresponding documentation is ensured by the database-supported questionnaire developed by us.

Inspection of protective devices

Within the scope of the initial or regular inspection, we check the condition, mounting and correct function of the protective device as well as correct integration in the safe part of the machine control. The results of the tests are summarized in a detailed report. If necessary, this includes practically oriented suggestions on how deviations can be corrected.


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Stopping time measurement

To calculate the required minimum distance between protective device and dangerous movement, the stopping time of the machine must be known. With the stopping time measurement, we determine this value reliably. This allows proper placement of the protective device. By measuring the stopping time within the scope of regular inspections, any wear, such in brake components, can be detected in good time.

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