Online shop for business customers/companies

Our offer is exclusively aimed at business customers/companies and not consumers. Orders from consumers will not be accepted.

Business customers/companies are natural or juristic persons or legally responsible business partnerships that are exercising their commercial or independent professional activity when a legal transaction takes place. This particularly includes industrial or craft enterprises, freelancers, business enterprises and authorities.
On the other hand, consumers are all natural persons who carry out legal transactions for their private purposes. Private purposes are purposes that cannot be attributed to either their commercial or independent professional activity (e.g. acquisition of products for their household or a non-independent professional occupation).

By ordering in our shop, you are declaring that you are a business customer/company and not a consumer.

Within the scope of your order, and also before carrying it out, we reserve the right to verify that our customers are not consumers (e.g. by checking their address information and VAT identification number). Furthermore, if it is requested by ourselves you are obliged to present appropriate proof such as a copy of your business registration.

Explanation: these notes are prescribed to protect the consumer.