Safety controls

The MSI 400 configurable safety controls offer efficient solutions for integrating multiple safety sensors. Even the MSI 410 entry-level model features 20 safe inputs and 4 safe outputs and is therefore suitable for many standard applications. In addition, the optional extension modules allow you to adapt the number of inputs and outputs flexibly to current and future requirements. The MSI 430 basic module with a width of 45 mm even has an Ethernet interface with Industrial Ethernet protocols. The safety control can be configured quickly and efficiently using the license‑free configuration software MSI.designer. It is easy to use and has numerous comfort functions.

MSI 400 safety controls

Compact construction and easy to configure

The compact MSI 400 safety controls evaluate the signals of a wide range of safety sensors and are used with small- to medium-sized machines for monitoring the safety circuit. With their configurable safety functions, they can very easily be adapted to the respective requirements.



Advantages for you

  • Always the right solution
    With 3 basic modules, the MSI 400 series always offers the right solution – from standard functions to integrated gateways. All basic modules can be modularly expanded if necessary.

  • Saves space
    24 safe I/Os and Industrial Ethernet protocols are integrated on a width of just 45 mm. This reduces the space required in the switch cabinet and simplifies ordering because there is only one part number.

  • Maximum switching power
    Available at each output of the system is 4 A of wear-free switching power. This allows e.g. valves to be actuated directly and makes additional relays unnecessary.

  • Fast online diagnosis
    The integrated online diagnosis and the system logbook provide a quick overview of the system status.
    Possible problems can thereby be quickly localized. Solutions for remote maintenance can also be implemented without additional effort and often make expensive maintenance work unnecessary.


Perfect start – modularly expandable

Even the MSI 410 entry-level model features 20 safe inputs and 4 safe outputs, thereby offering the perfect starting point for standard applications. If necessary, all MSI 400 basic modules can be expanded with the I/O extension modules to up to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs. Available at each output of the system is 4 A of wear-free switching power. This allows e.g. valves to be actuated directly and makes additional relays unnecessary.

Integrated gateways

The MSI 400 safety controls can be integrated easily into industrial networks. With a width of just 45 mm, Ethernet interface and Industrial Ethernet protocols are already integrated.

Other gateway modules

Gateway modules are used for integration into other fieldbuses such as EtherCAT, PROFIBUS and CANopen.

Flexible connection technologies

All modules are available with either pluggable screw-type terminals or with spring-force/push-in terminals – this means even better adaptation to your installation requirements.

Removable program memory

The removable program memory in SD-card format, which can be accessed on the front side, offers large memory space for application programs. Handling of the projects is thereby simplified, saving a great deal of time during commissioning, duplication and should servicing be required. The cover fastened to the control protects the memory from unintended removal.

Always quickly connected

Integrated USB and Ethernet interfaces enable flexible access to the system. As a result, status and diagnostic information is available quickly during configuration and operation.

Optical function indicator via LEDs

All inputs and outputs of the system feature clearly assigned LED indicators located above the connections. These are supplemented with other LEDs for displaying the module status. As a result, the operating state of a system can be identified quickly and unmistakably.

Reach your goal quickly with MSI.designer

With the MSI.designer configuration tool, you can create projects easily and efficiently. The license-free software contains a comprehensive library with more than 50 certified function blocks and supports you in creating, testing and documenting your projects.

Intuitive configuration

With the intuitive operation, configurations are created quickly. Sensors and actuators can be used directly in the logic editor and connected to a function block in the same step. Freely definable pages and the summary of function blocks provide a good overview. Multiple logic pages can even be viewed in parallel and, with movable windows, you always see the elements that optimally support your work.

Extensive function block library

The library of the MSI.designer features more than 50 certified function blocks. Typical functions such as restart, the evaluation of two-hand controls and contactor monitoring as well as complex functions such as muting processes are already preconfigured and can be quickly implemented. Up to 300 function blocks can be integrated in one project.

Integrated simulation

The simulation function and the integrated logic analyzer allow the programmed functions to be checked right from a PC. Any necessary modifications are already performed in the office, and not in the installation area on the machine. This saves considerable time during commissioning on site.

Professional reports

The documentation function summarizes all project information in a detailed, well-structured report. The report can be configured by the user and thereby provides an important part of the directive-compliant documentation for a machine at the press of a button.


Evaluation of multiple safety sensors with configurable safety functions

Multiple safety sensors must be integrated into the machine or system control. Functions such as a time delay for releasing a locking device or signal connections are also to be configured.

The basic module of the MSI 400 expandable safety control already has 24 safe inputs/outputs as well as an Ethernet interface with Industrial Ethernet protocols. The safety control can be configured quickly and efficiently using the license‑free configuration software MSI.designer.

Access guarding on conveyor lines, with muting function

Access guarding on conveyor lines is to prevent persons from accessing the danger zone, while at the same time allowing the transported goods to pass through.

The muting function bridges the safety sensor in a controlled manner to allow the transported goods to pass through. Here, the special muting function modules of the MSI 400 safety control or the MSI-MD-FB muting interface, which is designed as a field module, handle the control of the muting sequence.

Safe monitoring of presses 

The specific requirements on the safety of mechanical and hydraulic presses are described in standard EN ISO 16092. The implementation of these requirements and the integration in the press operating sequence are to be supported and simplified by the configuration tool.

The MSI.designer configuration tool offers a special function library for use on eccentric and hydraulic presses. It contains tailored function blocks for the control and protection of presses and thereby makes quick and easy configuration possible.

Technical properties 

MSI 400

  Basic modules with a width of 45 mm and 24 safe inputs/outputs
Expandable to 116 safe inputs and 56 safe outputs
Optical function indicator via LEDs for each input/output of the system
Gateways for PROFINET, Ethernet/IP and Modbus are integrated in the basic module. Gateway modules are available for EtherCAT, PROFIBUS and CANopen
Safety functions for press control
4 A wear-free switching power
All devices either with screw terminals or spring-cage terminals


  More than 50 certified function modules
Up to 300 function modules per project
Freely configurable views spread over multiple screens
Connection of sensors / actuators and function blocks directly in the logic editor with automatic assignment of the inputs and outputs
Simulation function and integrated logic analyzer for checking the configured functions
Password protection of projects and function blocks
Online diagnosis with system logbook and remote maintenance function



Safety - Product overview (PDF, ~7 MB)
MSI - Safety controls and safety relays - Product information (PDF, ~4 MB)
MSI 400 – Safety controls - Product information (PDF, ~1 MB)