The robust L250 safety locking devices for safety applications up to PL e / SIL 3 are used for safeguarding safety doors on machines and systems. Using modern RFID technology, these devices offer maximum tamper protection (type 4 according to EN ISO 14119) and are easy to integrate. With a locking force of up to 2,100 N and a compact, easy-to-clean technopolymer housing, the devices of the L250 series can be used universally and provide an economical solution for personal and process protection.

Advantages for you

  • Optimum protection against manipulation: Thanks to the RFID-coded actuators. Extra installation measures are therefore no longer necessary
  • Easy integration into the safety circuit: Thanks to their OSSD safety outputs, all devices can be easily integrated into a safety circuit
  • Simple mounting and modern design: Matching door handle and lockout-tagout functionality as well as matching command device with E-Stop button enable easy mounting of complete safety functions at safety doors in a modern design


Designed for reliable operation

The joint at the actuator and the large, chamfered opening on the device minimize the risk of collision between the sensor and actuator and prevents damage even with imprecisely closing doors. The unobstructed opening allows accumulated dirt to be simply pushed out on the rear side. The special design thus guarantees maximum reliability and availability.

Fully safeguarded

The optional CD-B command devices simplify the setup of safety functions at safety doors. The command device and locking device have the same design with identical dimensions. This results in modules that are optimally matched both in terms of appearance and function. With the integrated buttons for request, reset and emergency stop, the modules offer complete solutions for a safety installation at access doors.


The full-metal lockout-tagout device prevents operating personnel from being locked inside the danger zone by using individual padlocks. For this purpose, the red slider is pushed upward and the lock inserted. This mechanically locks the opening and additionally shields RFID detection of the actuator. Up to 5 padlocks with 3.5 mm shackle can be inserted into the elongated eyelet. 

Robust door handle in attractive design

The AC-L250-SH2 door handle impresses with its robust, modern and ergonomic design. The fastening screws are concealed by snap-in protection caps. This prevents the accumulation of dirt and simplifies cleaning. Furthermore, the protection against manipulation means that standard screws can be used – special safety screws are not necessary. The handle is suitable both for use on swing doors (hinges on right or left) and for use on sliding gates (opening to left or right).

Technical properties

Type 4 interlock device with guard interlocking in acc. with EN ISO 14119
RFID-coded actuator for maximum protection against manipulation
Performance Level PL e / SIL 3 with a single device
Locking force 2,100 N for universal use on small to medium‑sized safety doors
Compact and easy‑to‑clean technopolymer housing with degree of protection IP  67 / IP 69K
Escape unlocking function through integrated panic button, ergonomically optimized
In the unlocked state, the low locking force of 20 N holds the protective device in position so that it does not open by itself

6 LEDs for fast diagnosis at the device

3 activation modes

Variable installation through 3-sided attachment as well as flexible alignment of connection cable, auxiliary release and panic button in 90-degree increments

Accessories: Lockout-tagout device, remote escape unlocking button with 5 m cable, door handle, command devices (matched in design and function)

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