Position switches

The S300 safety position switches monitor the reaching of final positions. They are used for position monitoring of machines or as an alternative to hinge switches. The position switches have a metal housing in accordance with degree of protection IP 67 and are available with various contact sets. Variants with plunger and various actuators enable optimum adaptation to the installation situation.

Advantages for you

  • Can be mounted in various installation situations: With up to 4 actuator approach directions and 3 cable entries, the devices can be easily mounted in a wide variety of installation situations
  • Simple integration in safety circuit: All devices can easily be integrated in a safety circuit by means of positive opening contacts
  • Optimum adaptation: through adjustable actuator angle in 10 degree increments
  • Easy adjustment of the switching point: using a standard screwdriver


Different actuators allow easy adaptation to the respective installation situation. Furthermore, the approach direction and angle of the actuator can be adjusted at the switch.

Technical properties

Type 1 interlock device without guard interlocking in acc. with EN ISO 14119
Technopolymer and metal housing, degree of protection IP 67
Actuation by unencoded cam in accordance with EN ISO 141169
Positive-opening contacts for integration in a safety circuit
Universal use thanks to individually set actuator approach directions and actuator angles in 10 degree increments
Switching direction selectable
Variants with plunger actuator and various roll actuators
Extremely durable and robust

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