Consulting – machine safety is a job for professionals

Adherence to laws and regulations related to machine safety is a management task that often goes beyond the capacities within a company both with respect to personnel as well as financially. The design and continuous updating of knowledge in the area of machine safety are complex and because of constant changes to the national and international legal environment, dealing with standards and regulations is not a straightforward matter.

Our consulting offerings include the possibility for having the necessary tasks performed efficiently and reliably by experienced professionals. Our employees are certified through external agencies. We work actively in the relevant standards committees for machine safety and are always up-to-date on the standards and guidelines. As a result, we know today what will change in the future. You thereby save time and money and avoid dangerous errors before they can happen.

Status check "Safety technology on machines and systems"

Our experts analyze the safety-related condition of your machinery and check whether the current safety-related requirements are satisfied in accordance with the current state of the art. In the event of deviations, we provide recommendations on what corrections can be performed so as to comply with legal requirements.

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Status check "CE marking of machines"

During the design and construction of machines, the specifications from the machinery directive must be adhered to and documented by the manufacturer. This is confirmed with the Declaration of Conformity and the CE marking. We check the documentation for completeness and give recommendations of how any deviations can be corrected.

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Risk assessment

In accordance with applicable directives, the manufacturer of a machine is required to perform a risk assessment. This also applies in the case of significant modifications or extensions of machines. Our experts support you in identifying the dangers, in assessing and evaluating the risks as well as in defining the risk-reducing measures.

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Hazard assessment

The Betriebssicherheitsverordnung (Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health, BetrSichV) includes the legal requirement for employers that a hazard assessment be conducted before work equipment is used and that this be updated at regular intervals according to the current state of the art. Our experts support you in conducting the hazard assessment and with the subsequent documentation.

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Conformity assessment in accordance with the European machinery directive

The European machinery directive defines the procedure for the design and construction of machines for satisfying the applicable safety and health protection requirements. This is a prerequisite for the Declaration of Conformity and the CE marking. We help you comply with and implement the legal requirements of the machinery directive.

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Safety concept and safety design

The measures necessary for risk reduction are known from the risk analysis. The safety concept and the safety functions are developed on the basis of these requirements. With our extensive industry knowledge and our many years of safety-related experience, we create practically oriented concept proposals for you and support you during their implementation.

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Verification and validation of safety functions

To avoid errors during the implementation of safety functions, the correct and complete design of the safety functions is to be verified according to the specifications.
The performance of the safety function is then to be validated through function tests and error simulations. We support you during the planning and execution of the measures as well as with the creation of the required documentation.

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